APOD: 2004 December 4 - Reflecting Merope

Just a beautiful picture here, go check it out.



Well, I went with a new look here, and one that takes the newer Blogger formatting better. Perhaps I'll start putting it to use (I don't think that justifies use of the word "again") in the near future.

Oh, and for the record, and for the 6 billion plus who never saw the old format, when I do start tinkering with the formatting & stylesheets, it'll probably be evident as a creeping greenness.


Computer died a while back in a rather mysterious way, hence the lack of recent updates. *sigh* Probably needs a new motherboard and/or CPU, which I can't get right now. So, only sparse and intermittent blogging here until my fortunes look up.


Well, speaking of considerable times....

Not much new under the sun here. Got a still-newer version of Galeon and Mozilla to play with now, so maybe I'll try blogging under Galeon sometime and see if that's all fixed up now. Hmm, has been a while. Looking at my last post, I guess the last update had already fixed that up. I guess blogging may actually serve a useful purpose sometimes!

In other news related to my computer interests, I'm still looking for work in a computer networking job (well, any, really, but that's first choice). However, in a significant upturn in my prospects (and improvement to my CV), I'm now a partner in a partnership to do some programming. I'll post more when the site is ready to look at. For now, I'll just point out the obvious irony of the fact that our initials for the company name happen to be GOP.


Wee! In the (considerable) time since that last post, I've gotten a later version of Galeon (and Mozilla while I was at it), and it looks like it's working fine for working on my Blog site now. No more opening up another browser just so I can work on my Blog. :)

Now I've gotta see if it's possible to get the Blog to work in XHTML instead of that so-last-century HTML it's currently using... I've been brushing up on this stuff quite a bit lately. Plus I've got my own domain name once again (sort of), so I can do real web site tinkering. Great for hosting my resume. I should be updating this more regularly now, since the big project that was keeping me away from this came to a rather ugly end... I'll probably explain that in more detail at some point in the near future.


Well, I think I'm going to use this blog for the more techno-geeky side of me, so I'd just like to gripe now, that it seems the blog admin tools don't all work quite right in the Galeon browser (a slight modification of Mozilla)... don't know whether the site's JavaScript is broken, or Galeon's. This is gonna be a bit of a pain. :p